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The German designer Matthias Ophoff creates exclusively high-quality leather couture, like his newest “Black Feather Collection”. Leather means luxury to him, although most of the time people connect leather with wildness and intemperance. He shows with his “Black Feathers Collection” that you can also wear leather in an elegant and lightly way so that you can feel like a beautiful feather. You always think about dominance and harshness on the first sight, but he gives the women the greatest of ease back with the high quality of the leather. This was so far in the leather clothing market not possible. The pieces are made out of the most exclusive and luxurious leather produced in one of the world’s leading leather manufactures, to make each woman feel going weightless through life. You feel desirable, elegant and carefree at the same time and you are floading in modern complex cuts from the road to the red carpets of this world. A goddess in black. Each piece is one hundred percent made by hand and a special exclusive unique with a great attention to detail. During daytime you can combine the clothes in a casual way with jeans but you can also wear them in the evening to first class events and attract everyone’s attention.


Cape Town – Dubai – Milano

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